media testimonials

Nancy has always been really helpful and prompt in answering my queries and setting up interview opportunities. And she is very proactive in letting us know what is going on at The Bentall Centre in Kingston.’
Claire Elliott, Features Editor, Shopping Centre

The Surrey Comet team has enjoyed working with NancyNancy has provided us with regular updates on activities at the Bentall Centre and gone a step beyond most PR’s by establishing a personal working relationship with reporters and editors which shows in the coverage she achieved. When answering reporters' queries, she has always been personable and prompt, which is appreciated.’

Colin O'Toole, Assistant Editor, Surrey Comet and Kingston Guardian

‘I had the pleasure of getting to know Nancy when I took over as editor of Surrey Life magazine in January of this year.

Throughout our working relationship, she has been nothing but helpful, professional and efficient. When she says she will do something, I know she means it.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending her.’
Caroline Harrap, editor, Surrey Life magazine

‘I have always found Nancy to be professional, courteous and efficient in her dealings with us. It makes a change for a PR to have a solid grasp of where clients' and our newspaper's interests merge’.

Sam Matthews, News Editor, Hounslow, Richmond & Kingston Informer series


‘Nancy is bubbly, enthusiastic and never late in getting any information for me that I require, which makes my life easier when I am working to tight deadlines.  I look forward to working with her this year’.

Vickie Eltis, Surrey Herald journalist